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You can stay at the “A Christmas Story” house on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day if you have an additional $ 8,000.

CNB 4- Turn on the floor lamp, make sure you drink your Ovaltine, and try not to put your eye out as you spend Christmas at home in “A Christmas Story”. The iconic home where Ralphie and the Parker family lived in the 1983 film – with yellow siding, green trim, and a floor lamp that shines through the middle of the front room window – offers overnight stays all year round and is currently available on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

For fans who want to have the next vacation home as badly as Ralphie wanted a Red Ryder BB Gun, the two-night Christmas minimum stay costs $ 3,995 per night. The house, located in Cleveland, Ohio but located in Indiana for the movie, has nightly rates the rest of the year starting at $ 495 per night and can be booked at

I know we can # embrace a debate as to whether A Christmas Story is a good movie, a good Christmas movie, or none of that. But no matter what you think of all of this I think we can all agree that it is ridiculous to spend the price of a used car to stay in the house where Ralphie almost peeked at it. for two nights.

I would consider paying $ 4,000 a night to stay at the Griswold family’s Christmas house if it was lit with enough light to see a little bit of space and I would shell out that insane amount of money to feel like a rich person in the city. Silver Tuna from Home Alone provided I didn’t have to interact with any of the awful people in the McAllister family. But paying about that much to stay at A Christmas Story’s house in the middle of Cleveland is nonsense. Cute movie, perfectly good to set in the background during its Christmas Day Marathon until the NBA games begin, and far from the allure that Christmas movie houses have passed. Unless you’re hanging out with The Old Man. Fictional grandfather of all time, so much so that I won’t award any points to the actor by the name of Darren McGavin, whom I just discovered.