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You can now share a Facebook event as an Instagram story

Meta has released a major Facebook update that brings tons of new features to Facebook Groups. At the sixth annual Facebook Communities Summit, the company announced new features for Facebook Groups that aim to help users better connect with their communities and easily share content across Meta’s family of apps. Also Read – Chinese Websites Can Steal User Data Through Fake Gift Offers: Cert-In

Reels in groups

This feature will allow users to share reels and videos with their communities through groups. Facebook says Reels in Groups will allow community members to share information, tell stories, and better connect with group members. Moreover, with this feature, admins and group members can also add creative elements like audio, text overlay, and filters on top of their videos before sharing them on Facebook. Also Read – Meta CEO Says Mark Zuckerberg Says WhatsApp Is More Secure Than Apple’s iMessage

Share a public event as an Instagram story

Another feature of Facebook groups is the ability to share a public Facebook event as an Instagram story. This feature will allow group members to notify other members of a public event on Facebook via an Instagram story. “Whether you’re a group admin hosting a get-together to celebrate a community milestone or a group member sharing your passion with friends, this feature can help you showcase your community more broadly,” Facebook wrote in a post. of blogging. Also Read – How to Collaborate with Other Accounts on Instagram

Upcoming features

Meta also said it has started testing a bunch of new features for Facebook users. These updates are intended to allow users to have deeper connections with group members.

About me : The first feature Meta started testing is the ability to customize the About Me section. Facebook says soon group members will be able to customize the information in their About Me section to highlight information they want to share with their community. The company says this feature will help both admins and members learn more about each other and create content that best reflects the interests of the group.

Messaging indicator: Another feature that Meta has started testing is an indicator that will appear next to user profiles if they are open to messaging. This will let members know if other users in the group are ready to connect on common interests.

Read-only chats: Meta is also testing the ability for group admins and moderators to create read-only chats to send one-way communications to all of their members without having to maintain or actively respond to messages in the chat, so they can stay in touch. update on important information about the group. Admins and moderators can also use an admin-only chat for instant collaboration.

Finally, Meta said it is making available the feature for admins to create channels to connect with their party members in over 140 countries around the world.