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Wytchwood Review: Mysterious Craft-Driven Story Telling

Wytchwood follows the story of an old witch as she unraveled mysteries around her home using intricate crafts and food searches.

Wytchwood is a delightful, narrative crafting game developed by Alientrap and published by Whitethorn Digital for PC and consoles. Wytchwood combines dark fairy tale tropes with witty dialogue to create memorable characters and charming questlines. Excellent gameplay mixed with unique 2D illustrative graphics allows you to explore the world of Wytchwood a frightening but captivating experience.

The adventure in Wytchwood begins in a magical hut tucked away on a failing farmhouse familiar to simulation game enthusiasts. The main character, an old witch with a cauldron for a head, wakes up to a goat invading her house. After discovering that she has been sleeping for some time and that the goat that visits her property is possessed by a demon determined to hold the witch accountable for an unfulfilled contract, she must set out to uncover the details missing from her memory. This includes unraveling the story of a young woman in a magically induced coma in the temple near her farm. To fulfill the contract and find her missing memories, the witch must recover the souls of those who wronged the sleeping woman and return them to the possessed goat as quickly as possible.


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The world of Wytchwood is similar to survival titles like The flame in the flood, with the witch possessing a grimoire-making book slowly filling up with potion and reagent recipes as she examines the creatures, flora, fauna, and items found on each map. Without the need for a crafting table, items can be crafted quickly in any location, allowing quick access to items needed for puzzles and quests while exploring. Although there are no obvious weapons in Wytchwood, players have a small inventory of tools needed to collect certain raw materials. Shears can be used to cut tough grass or animal fur, while an ax is used to cut stumps and logs. Sometimes tools are combined with certain potions and concoctions to defeat enemies like evil dogs or bugs.

Wytchwood Forest Biome Map and Foraging

Although it is not an open world, Wytchwood includes several unique maps to visit and explore, each with a unique biome. While places like the Forest are quite tame, with most hostile mobs easy to spot, other areas like the Swamp are riddled with powerful monsters that will need to be wielded with craftable items. Each biome also contains unique crafting ingredients, requiring players to carefully prepare before tackling a questline, to ensure they have the required crafting components before entering a location. more difficult who may not have what they need. For those lacking in certain ingredients, however, the flashback isn’t terrible thanks to an item that teleports players into a dimensional door room filled with portals to different maps. The locations are also interconnected via tracks, allowing for quick transportation between locations when crafting large quantities of crafts.

Quests in Wytchwood were well balanced. While they require a lot of item pickup, this was interrupted by some great dialogue with NPCs and engaging challenges. Most quests require players to get a quick list of ingredients or complex crafting, depending on who the quest is for. This makes quick tasks fairly easy to accomplish, but story-intensive quests are more fulfilling, creating a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when concluding a story. Running scenarios are also easy to follow thanks to an onscreen to-do list that can be toggled from the player’s inventory menu. This eliminates the need to constantly open menus for reminders on ingredient lists and facilitates seamless exploration.

Wytchwood Witch Hut gameplay

The only setback currently present in Wytchwood is the utility of the hut of the witch’s house. As the player returns to deliver souls to the Possessed Goat, there aren’t many other reasons to return home during the tale. Seems like a waste of a primary slot for the game. To improve this, additional crafting recipes could be added that require a fixed crafting table similar to from Valheim, or players could potentially use the cauldron on the fire to create snacks and concoctions. A crafted product storage system could also come in handy, allowing players to stock up on traps, snares, and powders needed for certain objectives.

Although less carefree than simulation titles like Animal crossing Where Valley of stars, the relaxed rhythm and the nonchalant nature of the main character make Wytchwood a great choice for relaxing exploration style games. It’s also a great choice for those who enjoy crafting and survival games, but prefer to have quests to follow instead of standalone gameplay. Although the 2D art style is fun and is reminiscent of storybook illustrations, this game is probably not the best choice for young gamers due to the questlines dealing with horror elements, as well as the graphical representations. death of animals when using traps and decoys. However, fans of twisted fairy tales and spooky magical intrigue will likely find Wytchwood a pleasant and thrilling experience.

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Wytchwood is now available for PC through Steam and for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and Xbox. A PC Steam code has been provided to Screen Rant for the purpose of this review.

Our assessment:

4.5 out of 5 (essential)

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