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Who is Nate Abate? Kin Coffee Owner Assault Allegations History Explained Has he been arrested?

Who is Nate Abate? History of Kin Coffee Owner Assault Allegations Explained Has He Been Arrested?: Ever since se*ual allegations made about The Date and Julian Contreras surfaced on the internet, search for the two has been high on the web. In this blog, we will talk about Nate Abate from the south of Luis Obispo. He has recently drawn a lot of attention to himself and Julian Contreras, owner of Kin Coffee. Individuals on social media platforms are sharing their stories recently. Meanwhile, several women have opened up about their incidents with Nate Abate on social media platforms. After the shocking allegations, individuals started speaking their minds. Be that as it may, several netizens seem confused with the recent ongoing chaos on social media platforms. Follow more updates at

Who is Luis Obispo’s Southern Nate Abate?

Nate Abate from southern Luis Obispo is not available on Wikipedia. Moreover, he seems to live a private life with few details available. According to Nathan’s LinkedIn, he works as a Senior Commission Installer at Idlers. In addition, he has held this position for more than 10 years. Following his LinkedIn information on Abate, he completed his studies at the Academy of Art University. Additionally, he was also a photography student at the Brooks Institute. No other details are available on Nate. Plus, he’s best friends with Julian Contreras, as mentioned by a Reddit user.

History of Nate Abate’s Assault Allegations on Reddit – Kin Coffee SLO

As mentioned on Reddit, Nate Abate and his best friend Julian Contreras, owner of Kin Coffee, are currently facing sexual assault charges. Following the Reddit story, Julian and Nate were charged with sexually assaulting underage girls 13 or younger. Additionally, they started flashing after an Instagram user uploaded a series of photos.

According to a Reddit user, Contreras and Abate faced numerous accusations after a lady on Instagram uploaded incidents of sexual assault. No official news has yet been released about Julian and Nate and the charges against them.

Has SLO’s Nate Abate been arrested? Where is he now?

There are no official details available on Nate Abate’s arrest. Although a lady on Instagram shared photos of South Luis Obispo’s arrest tapes in 2012. Nate’s locations remain unknown at this time following detention at present. According to photos shared by a woman on Instagram, he was arrested at the time for assault.

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