We have major updates on Survivor Season 41 – Cast, Title, Duration etc.


My first thought is that I hate it. I wrote about this a month ago and stand by everything I said in it. Survivor being 39 days old is part of the fabric of the show. “39 days. __ people. A Survivor” is Survivor’s gun. While I’m not someone who watches Survivor for the literal “survival” aspect, I do think those extra 13 days spoiling players’ bodies and minds is a big part of the show. There’s a chance it won’t affect our week-to-week viewing too much a lot. There are still 18 players left. There will always be immunity challenges and tribal councils. The only thing we could lose are reward challenges that I don’t personally care about too much. But despite everything, after this long hiatus from Survivor, the last thing we want is less Survivor. Hopefully this change is just a product of COVID and won’t be permanent.

Season 41 will not have a theme, will simply go through “Survivor 41”

I fully agree with this change. With Survivor setting up a permanent camp in Fiji, place titles are obviously irrelevant. And I was getting fed up with the forced cliché themes. I think we can all agree that “Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers” was a defining moment. Hope this means there is no theme and weird twists at all. No extinction edge. No fire tokens. No Redemption Island. Just a good old school survivor

There will be 18 new castaways divided into 3 tribes

Again, I think there may not be a specific division between the tribes, a la Brains vs. Brauns vs. Beauty. It could just be split up haphazardly like in the good old days. This is what I hope. No need for forced themes. Back to basics.

We have the full rumored cast (via Inside Survivor)

We have no competitor information other than what is above. As you can see, this is the first season of Survivor to adhere to new CBS guidelines that at least 50% of their reality show attendees are minorities in an effort to be more inclusive. I’ve heard rumors from people within the Survivor community that this season could be politically and socially charged given the events of the past year. I just hope Survivor is Survivor so we’ll see what happens. If I make a blind winner pick just on that basis, I’ll take Naseer.

It will air on Wednesday evenings at 8 p.m. in the fall

Stick to your usual time slot. We don’t have an official release date for Season 41, but it’s fair to assume that it will be between mid-September and the end of September.

“It’s a whole new game, fast, super dangerous, very hard to win and absolutely fun to watch.”

This quote comes from Jeff Probst. What does it mean? I have no idea. It could just mean a lot of nothing. The “quick” part probably concerns the season which lasts only 26 days.

Season 42 is currently filming

Filming for Season 42 has been reported to have encountered a problem due to an increase in COVID cases in Fiji, but production appears to be underway. Jeff posted a video yesterday commemorating Survivor: Borneo’s debut 21 years ago.

There are currently no other details available on the season.

So it ends. A ton of updates. But the most important is this:


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