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Tundra Players Can’t Get Their Story Around One of Dota’s Biggest TI11 Memes

Fata was kicked out of Tundra Esports in January 2022. When news first surfaced, Tundra players decided to remain silent as Fata expressed his disappointment. Although replacing Fata with Saksa worked in favor of Tundra in their TI11 victory, the team’s coach, Aui_2000, sparked debate in his latest blog, which was followed by a series of explanations by Sneyking and Neta “33” Shapira.

While fans were surprised to see Tundra pull the drama out of nowhere, each statement had knowledge gaps that would be filled in the next one. However, they all had one thing in common, as they all ended up confirming Fata’s side of the story, even though they tried to put a different spin on the whole situation.

The first statement came from Aui_2000 this morning, where Tundra’s coach explained how Fata never saved Sneyking’s place in the team. The discussion was later carried over to Twitter, where the current Tundra captain Sneyking intervened in the debate.

Sneyking’s side of the story was rather similar because, read correctly, it pretty much confirmed the initial story shared by Fata after the kick. Shortly after leaving the team, Fata mentioned that he had vetoed several attempts by players to kick other team members, and he ultimately ended up being the one who did. was expelled.

When combined with Follow-up statement from 33 under Sneyking’s tweets, fans could create a timeline from the somewhat conflicting stories of Tundra players. According to Tundra player feedback, here’s how Fata’s shot could have gone down.

  • Saksa contacted 33, after TI10, asking if they wanted to play with him because he didn’t want to star in OG without the two winning actors from TI.
  • The situation was brought to Fata’s attention, but he didn’t want to kick anyone for Saksa and keep the core of the team. Since Saksa plays in position four like Sneyking, there is a chance that Tundra players were looking to kick Sneyking for Saksa at this point, or they wanted to move Fata to a coaching position, which also seemed odd at the time since they already had a coach.
  • After proceeding without Saksa, Tundra still performed well, but not enough to meet their expectations.
  • At this point, either more players became aware that Saksa wanted to join the team, or the problem was brought to the attention of Aui_2000 this time and he empowered the players to do what they believed to be fair.
  • Courtesy of Aui_2000, the team went over the captain’s head and took the matter to the organization.
  • Tundra was unhappy with the team’s decision to fire their captain, but ended up agreeing as the majority wanted to play with Saksa.

The situation still looks as grim as it did for Tundra when Fata was first dropped from the roster. The series of explanations from the team members only served as confirmation of the former captain’s words as they were wrapped in rationalizing tweets.

Sneyking thought the situation was similar to the legendary Fly-n0tail betrayal arc in which Fly left OG for the greater good of both parties. The current Tundra captain thought Fly’s actions were to be praised as OG and EG had great seasons, pointing to the initial backlash Fly received.

No matter who is right or wrong, kicks and roster changes of this caliber are commonplace in all types of sports. Sometimes sacrifices have to be made, and it’s relatively difficult to handle these kinds of tricky issues in a way that can make everyone happy.