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The Storytelling Cycle Begins Kicking Off Season 2 Today

I launched the second season of The Cycle: Frontier, titled The Depths of Tharis Island. This season comes with many more additions and improvements as Prospectors are invited to return to Fortuna III to fight for rare materials and powerful weapons. You’ll get new missions, gear perks, a new Fortuna Pass, and a new island map. The situation is thorny in the mystery, which also contains many different places of a maze cave system discovered. Read more details here and check out the season’s trailer below, but for the full set of patch notes hints, you can check out their blog post here.

John and John.

By going through the campaign, players can unlock Tharis Island, the first new map released for The Cycle: Frontier since launch. Lurking within the island’s empty ruins is undeveloped technology that can take advantage of a prospector’s gear in unique and powerful ways. Unlike the game’s previous map, Tharis Island specializes more in interior spaces, luring players into more dangerous encounters with challenges that players must come up with their own plans.

Players will also have access to the brand new Fortuna Pass with over 100 perks available including cosmetic items, Aurum, Salvage Tokens and more to help them survive and thrive on Tharis. The free Fortuna Pass track often offers tactical rewards like weapons and gear; the premium track includes a new weapon skin, emotes, weapon charms, XP boosters, and more if the competition goes well. The Prospector who opts for the superior route will have no in-game advantage over those who don’t, although they may seem a little more impressive.