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The story of IAS Himanshu Gupta’s struggle, from selling tea to cracking UPSC CSE

Many people have to give up on their dreams for various reasons. But today we are going to talk about such a person IAS Himanshu Gupta who achieved his dream of cracking UPSC CSE with his hard work and dedication.

This story of Officer Himanshu Gupta

IAS officer Himanshu Gupta, a resident of Sitarganj district in Uttarakhand. Himanshu Gupta IAS is an inspiration to all aspirants for public service because despite poverty and many hardships, he never gave up, faced all the odds and eventually succeeded in UPSC through hard work. .

Himanshu Gupta’s Wrestling Success Story

Himanshu Gupta, a resident of Sitarganj district in Uttarakhand, was intelligent and had studied since childhood. Due to poor economic conditions, his childhood was completely different from ordinary children and he spent his childhood in extreme poverty.

The tea had to be sold to reach the goal

After seeing his family’s deteriorating condition, Himanshu’s father decided to start a tea shop, Himanshu used to help his father in the tea shop after school. For this, he had to travel 70 kilometers every day. After completing his education, Himanshu joined Hindu College, University of Delhi. He taught tuition and also wrote blogs to pay the fees.