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The people of Saltcoats strike back at bizarre tale of ‘hell’ town

SALTCOATS executives and business owners hit back at a post from a Scottish towns review site that declared Saltcoats a “hell”.

An anonymous poster posted on the review site ‘’ – a blog with funny stories describing the worst towns in all of Scotland – and described the town as ‘the worst chavtown I’ve encountered’.

And the story was quickly picked up by a national newspaper.

But comments online were quick to denounce the story as stupid and uninformed as the people at Saltcoats came to its defense.

The message read: ‘Eleven months ago I moved to a small seaside town in Ayrshire to be closer to work.

“Unfortunately, moving to Saltcoats turned out to be the worst move of my life.

“The first thing that struck me was the smell of raw sewage. I convinced myself that I could live with it.

“However, that was the least of my problems, as I found out later.

“I contacted an old friend, who lives in Saltcoats, and arranged to go out for a drink later that evening, thinking it would be a good opportunity to visit the local bars and meet new friends.

“Later that night, as I was leaving my new home, for the two minute walk to the local Weatherspoons pub around the corner, I met a group of local *****, or **** as they are called in Ayrshire.

“At first I wondered if they were talking to me, ‘Ho you ya fucking daftie’, I looked around, hoping there was someone behind me.

“Worse luck, the troglodyte with the Burberry cap and fists dragging on the ground was talking to me.

“‘Holy shit,” spat the gormless idiot, “I’m sorry, I don’t smoke,” I replied, trying to give him the best apologetic look I could muster … ”

But this week, Saltcoats advisor Jim Montgomerie and the owners of popular local bakery The Kandy Bar fought back at the now infamous online scribble.

Cllr Montgomerie told the Herald: “Saltcoats has a lot to do.

“The beaches, the cinema, many places to eat with a wide variety of food, pubs, beautiful walks along the ball, there are many shops and many parks to walk your dogs.

“Like every other city, it has its problems and anyone could have posted this story on the Internet.

“And to talk about Burberry caps, come on, it was in my time!

“Five fights in three pubs, they say? The Saltcoats pubs must have been busy that night!

A spokesperson for Kandy Bar Bakery added: “Old news.

“Saltcoats has a lot to offer and has one of Scotland’s highest home sales with people keen to live on the coast.”