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The Las Vegas Strip could soon see a new 43-story resort

It may come as a shock (not really), but the Las Vegas Strip could soon see a brand new 43-story resort and casino around the corner from Las Vegas Boulevard and Harmon Ave.

According to an article published by Eli Segall on, billionaire Tilman Fertitta filed plans with the Clark County Commission to build a high-end project on approximately 6 acres of land on the southeast corner of the Undress at Harmon. Clark County filings show plans include “restaurants, convention space, a spa, a wedding chapel, an auto showroom and an approximately 2,500-seat theater,” plus “suites, villas, VIP lounges and a bar and lounge for high limit players”.

65 years Tilman Fertitta has a whole bunch of stuff, including Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino downtown Vegas, the NBA Houston Rockets basketball team, as well as many other restaurants, hotels and commercial businesses. According Forbes magazine, his net worth is estimated at $7.7 billion. This adventure project in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip would make him a real player on the Vegas casino scene.

But wait, there’s more! Fertitta’s property at Las Vegas Boulevard and Avenue Harmon is just one of the major ongoing projects in this area. By Segall’s article on, New York investment firm Capital Gindi recently had plans approved by the Clark County Commission for a “new three-story shopping complex just south of Fertitta’s property.”

Then there is The luxury group Flag of New York, led by developer Brett Torino, who plan to build a four-storey shopping complex across from Fertitta’s land at the southwest corner of the bandaged at Harmon. This property includes plans for a restaurant chain Ocean Premium to invest approximately $20 million in a new location.

I sure hope that famous quote from the movie field of dreams is true: “If you build it, they will come.”

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10 of the biggest real casino heists of all time

From the moment you enter a casino, a thousand strategic choices – from the sounds of slot machines designed to disguise losses as winnings to the scented air, which for a Vegas casino increased slot machine revenue 45% – were made to keep you playing, and to keep you just hopeful enough to keep paying. It would be bad business for casinos to bankrupt players with one hand or intentionally pull a lever. And for every dangling carrot a player eventually catches, the house has already made sure to get it somewhere else.

So how can you really get the better of a system that is mathematically designed – what is called the house edge – to prevent you from doing so? Well, some people tried to cheat. There’s card counting (which isn’t technically illegal, according to federal, state, and local laws), card switching, card marking, dice slipping, dealer bribing, and the good old trick. eye (or carding). But even to have an edge when cheating, you have to play every hand perfectly, like the infamous MIT blackjack team. Determined to beat the house with even more complex math — if only theoretically, for now — MIT researchers are investigating whether quantum entanglement can give players an edge at the blackjack table.

For the average person without a quantum computer or the skills to count cards perfectly, any attempt at cheating is almost always noticed, monitored and, in some scenarios, authorized, says data scientist Jeff Jonas. And he should know: he developed the programs that casinos use to detect even the most subtle signs of fraud. NORA, or Non-Obvious Relationship Awareness, is software created by Jonas that uses available data to find connections, such as whether a dealer and player are related, live near each other, or casino employee has ties to known criminals. Any advantage the house hasn’t already secured through tamper-proof math, they’ve accounted for through oversight.

So if you can’t gain an advantage by following the rules or even breaking the rules, what else is there to do? Any sane person would tell you to reset your expectations or avoid casinos altogether. Some people throughout history have decided that they just aren’t going to play the game at all. Instead, they chose to rob them blind.

Casino heists are the ultimate underdog stories, and as such, it’s a favorite subgenre in filmmaking. While Hollywood has given us its own romantic take on the subject, the reality is arguably more dramatic and awe-inspiring when you consider how unlikely success is. OLBG has compiled a list of the 10 Biggest Casino Heists ranging from “Ocean’s 11” style complexity to stunning simplicity.