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The Inspirational Story of IAS Officer Himanshu Gupta

Many people have to give up on their dreams because they don’t have the privilege to achieve them. But this man with his hard work made sure he got what he wanted and finally achieved it.

We are talking about IAS officer Himanshu Gupta who hails from Sitarganj district, Uttarakhand. Himanshu Gupta IAS, is an inspiration to all aspirants to public service because despite poverty and many difficulties, he worked hard to pass the UPSC exam.

Who is IAS Himanshu Gupta?

IAS Himanshu Gupta
Success Story of IAS Himanshu Gupta | LinkedIn

A native of Sitarganj district in Uttarakhand, Himanshu Gupta was an intelligent scholar since childhood. However, his childhood was very different from that of an ordinary child as his family’s financial situation was not good and he spent his childhood in extreme poverty. His childhood was in immense poverty as his father was a day laborer and his father’s job would not meet his family’s needs.

Sold tea to achieve his goal

After seeing the poor state of his family, Himanshu’s father decided to start a tea stall, where Himanshu used to help his father at the tea stall after his school hours.

Success Story of IAS Himanshu Gupta |  LinkedIn
Success Story of IAS Himanshu Gupta | Twitter

Talk to The best India, Himanshu said there was always a huge financial burden on them. “I never saw my dad much because he was in different places trying to find work. It was very difficult for us financially and it was also one of the reasons why my family moved to Shivpuri in Bareilly where my maternal grandparents lived. So I was enrolled in the local government school there.

IAS officer Himanshu Gupta once had to travel 70 km every day just to undergo basic English training. After completing his education, Himanshu was admitted to Hindu College, Delhi University and paid his fees by taking tuition and writing blogs.

Success Story of IAS Himanshu Gupta |  Twitter
Success Story of IAS Himanshu Gupta | Twitter

He earned a master’s degree in environmental science and completed his batch. Post that he had the option of pursuing a doctorate in a foreign country, but he chose to stay in India and pursue his studies in the civil service. To support his family, Himanshu joined as a researcher in a government college. He thought it was an ideal position which he said not only helped him earn a stipend, but also provided an academic atmosphere to prepare for public service.

Attempted three-time UPSC civil service exam

Success Story of IAS Himanshu Gupta |  Youtube
Success Story of IAS Himanshu Gupta | Youtube

Himanshu Gupta attempted the UPSC Civil Service Examination three times. In the first attempt, Himanshu qualified for the civil service but was only selected for the IRTS. He continued his preparation and became IPS in the UPSC 2019 exam.

In his last attempt, which is the third time he has appeared for the UPSC civil services, he qualified for the Indian Administrative Services (IAS).

Without a doubt, IAS officer Himanshu Gupta is a clear example for anyone who cares about dreaming big and making it happen. Her hard work and never-give-up attitude is an inspiration to all.

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