The author prepares for the launch of the sequel to his popular book


The War with Grandpa ”started as a book and then turned into a movie with Robert de Niro. Author, Ann Dee Ellis, joins me live in celebrating the book launch of the sequel “War With Grandma.”

What is the war with grandmother?
War with Grandma is a sequel to the 1984 book War with Grandpa written by Robert Kimmel Smith, a major film starring Uma Thurman and Robert De Niro.

Who is Robert Kimmel Smith?
A classic children’s writer with titles like Chocolate Fever, Jelly Belly, and more.

Who is Ann Dee Ellis?
Young adult and mid-level author with national press books received star reviews, multiple listings, etc. Ann Dee grew up reading Kimmel’s books. His most recent book, You May Already Be a Winner, was set in Provo, Utah.

How can a sequel come more than thirty years later?
In the war with grandfather, Peter embarks on an epic battle with his grandfather for his room. In the war with grandma, Peter is now a dad, and his daughter Meg is passionate about winning a local competition and ends up having to compete with her grandmother as a partner, and things don’t go well – a new generation of battle begins.

Why read the book?
These books relate to two groups which often benefit from reductions: children and the elderly. The grandchild / grandparent relationship is a foundational, important and foundational relationship that is not often explored. It’s about finding out that age is not that big of a deal and that we are more alike than different. It’s about the main character Meg and her grandmother Sally learning to trust each other. It’s also great fun with lots of hijinks and hot air balloons and slides.

They are hosting a launch party on Monday night, an opportunity to celebrate the kids and grandparents who haven’t been able to see each other for a long time. Also, a time to celebrate reading and connecting. It will be at 7 p.m. at the Bright Building in Provo.

War with grandmother
Book launch
Tonight @ 7
The bright building
25 W 400 S, Provo

Find Ann Dee Ellis online and IG.
Find Robert Kimmel Smith online.

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