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Aspiring photographer seeks to show the world how he sees and photographs him.

Growing Champions member and up-and-coming photographer Tshepang Mokoena ( believes in the art of telling stories through photographs and images as he continues its journey with the Art form.

Tshepang has been doing photography for just over two years and has already fallen in love with sharing people’s stories and taking them on a journey down memory lane. “I love being able to tell stories that people sometimes don’t see. I have noticed that when people see my photos, they usually have a story or similar incident that happened to them that relates to my photo. When they see a photo that I took, it will just remind them of something that happened to them before. “
Like any other photographer, he also enjoys capturing and sharing the feelings and realities of people at that precise moment.

A photo of Growing Champions Tshepang Mokoena, a young aspiring photographer who seeks to share the stories of his subjects. Photo: Tshepang Mokoena

Tshepang credited fellow photographer and visual artist Kamva Goso as the man behind all the motivation for his own photography. “He shared with me tips that changed my view of photography as a much more artistic form of storytelling. Watching his work inspires me a lot because each photograph in it describes a short or long story, and I am also able to get a message from the photograph.
He’s also learned from Goso that you don’t need the best gear to get started with your passions, stating that he might have better cameras and software, which he aims to someday achieve, but his photography current looks better with the equipment. he owns.

Tshepang described his style of photography as artistic with a strong sense of storytelling. He explained, “When people look at my photos, I hope they see the kind of stories and emotions that I describe in a photo that I took. The point of my photos when people see them is that they read the message behind the image without even reading the caption.
Tshepang would love to have the opportunity to share the stories of others and therefore offered his services, skills and unique perspective to the community.
Those interested in contacting him can do so by contacting him on 068 255 8593 or by e-mail [email protected]

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