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Storytelling and Writing Sessions at Indian Residential Schools | Bhubaneswar News

BERHAMPUR: The Gajapati the administration began storytelling and writing sessions for students at boarding schools run by the planned caste and tribal development department.
“Seated in colorful library rooms, housed in at least 50 boarding schools in the district, students tell stories to others and then write about them. It will improve their vocabulary and writing skills,” said Lingaraja PandaGajapati collector.
“Students usually visit the library on Saturdays and Sundays to practice storytelling and writing and also to draw,” he added.
A dedicated library room has been set up in each school painted with different themes. Books, mainly illustrated, were stored. All the books have been color coded according to the age of the students. The children take any book and read aloud in front of the other students and the teacher. The teacher corrects his pronunciation if he finds an error.
“The Integrated Tribal Development Agency (ITDA), Paralakhemundiprovided funds to color the library room and purchase furniture and books,” said Santosh Kumar Rath, District Social Worker (DWO). He said that before launching the initiative, they trained teachers on how to help students tell stories and write.
“We have developed a module for this purpose. Based on the module, the teachers first tell the stories to the students and ask them to talk and write about it. The best stories and poems written by the students are displayed in the school’s expression corner (wall newspaper) every week to encourage them,” he said.