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Story 3 – Me, Anonymous Blog

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It’s a busy intersection on 82nd. The area is important because I don’t think it would happen any closer to Portland. I walk one way in a fairly large crosswalk. A bicycle comes towards me. Keep coming to me. I start to move but he keeps rolling towards me, and I say WTF, and nudge his shoulder. I’m like good grief, WTF. I happen to turn around and now he’s coming right at me with his bike. I start running and stand on the sidewalk as he walks away.
What are my learning lessons in this area. I guess, just keep it to myself. But then what about standing up for my rights, and how do we learn. There is simply no longer any accountability for our actions, or what role we play in any situation. There’s nothing like how we can learn to be better human beings. That’s all, I was oppressed by someone, something so nothing matters except me and my rights as an American. Sometimes I would like to take self-defense classes. And what I really would have liked to do was tie the guy up really tight as he rolled towards me, and lay him down. But at the same time, I could be sentenced to life in prison even if it was self-defense.

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