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Second Story Window brings groundbreaking resources that aim to help teachers take their teaching to the next level

Second Story Window offers proven resources from over 20 years of classroom experience to help teachers go further in their teaching.

Second Story Window continues to be a game changer in the industry by producing proven resources to help teachers improve their teaching and simplify their planning to meet the needs of their students.

Second Story Window provides research-based resources and strategies to help teachers maximize their instructional time and simplify their preparation with high-quality resources and strategies. education on which they can rely.

Second Story Window is a joint effort of Heidi Van Natter and Emily Stephenson, two sisters from Utah with a passion for raising toddlers. Heidi holds a master’s degree in education with honors in mathematics, while Emily holds a diploma in early childhood education.

Heidi and Emily directed their classroom efforts towards creating a blog site to collaborate with each other and share their favorite ideas with teachers. Subsequently, the two opened a groundbreaking boutique that aims to help K-3 teachers elevate their teaching.

On the website, individuals can filter resources by grade level – K-4, or by resource type – whether it’s Back to School, Spiral Review, Passages fluency or brain breaks, where they can save money while getting more resources.

For example, the Grade 3 Spiral Review expertly reviews Grade 3 language and math standards. Second Story Window calls it morning work, but this awesome review activity can be incorporated into any part of the school day.

“It’s something we’ll never teach a school day without because we’ve seen incredible results with our own students for years,” says Heidi.

Second Story Window highlighted the Daily Spiral Review as one of the most effective ways to help students move their learning from short-term to long-term memory. Each time students retrieve information from their memories, it becomes easier to recall that information in the future.

Second Story also offers the Teacher Approved podcast, which helps teachers elevate what matters and simplify the rest. For example, Procedures for Success, one of his latest episodes, discusses ways to help teachers identify the procedures they need and then develop a plan to implement them.

In a review, Shannon, a 2nd grade teacher, expressed her appreciation for the thoughtfulness of the whole curriculum offered by Second Story Window.

“You really hit the nail on the head as they say, with differentiation, developmentally appropriate lessons, gradual release of responsibility, work on endurance and responsibility,” writes Shannon, who described Emily and Heidi like “rockstars” in the field.

On the other hand, Stephanie, a 3rd grade teacher, said she uses the Second Story Window reading passages as a phenomenal resource for fluency practice.

“It gives me wonderful opportunities to differentiate myself according to the needs of each of my students. The understanding component is an added bonus. I am beyond impressed with the great thought, time and energy that has gone into creating something as incredible as this,” adds Stephanie.

Those who want to learn more about Second Story Window and its comprehensive list of resources can visit the website and its social media channels for more information.

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