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Sarah Ferguson is going to write another Mills & Boon novel.

The Duchess of York only released her debut book for romance editors, “Her Heart For A Compass,” earlier this week, but she’s really excited to extend their collaboration as she signed a contract for another. tome.

Speaking on ‘Front Row’ on Radio 4, Sarah – who wrote the book with co-author Margarete Kaye – said: “People are trying to put Fergie in a box, or Sarah or the Duchess in a box, saying ‘look at her, why is she doing this, why is she doing that?’

“We all have doubts about ourselves. But it was really exciting to grow together in friendship and collaboration and we are both very united together in this book ‘Her Heart For A Compass’. So, we have signed our next book agreement. “

The 61-year-old royal loosely based the novel on her ancestor Lady Magaret Montagu Douglas Scott and she revealed that the coronavirus pandemic has finally given her the opportunity to write a tale she has been preparing for more than 15 years.

She said: The pandemic also tapped me on the shoulder and said are you going to waste your life and never do what you wanna do?

“Are you going to be on the front lines helping people, nurses, NHS workers? I think Lady Margaret would have done it, she would have taken up the challenge.

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