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Saints Row gets new story content in 2023 and over 200 bug fixes next month

Saints Row is getting a ton of post-launch support from developer Volition, and it’s all kicking off very soon.

Like the recently published blog post just below the details, there are a host of bug fixes and other fixes coming in for Saints Row. In fact, the game’s first post-launch patch, which is aiming for a late November launch, is currently looking at over 200 bug fixes.

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As our Saints Row review noted earlier this year, Volition’s reboot was plagued with bugs. Broken animations, missions that won’t start, and permanently empty weapons are just some of the issues facing the new game, which gamers quickly started noticing after launch (as parent company CEO de Volition later lamented this).

Elsewhere in the new blog post, the November update marks the “beginning of a series of quality of life changes” for Saints Row. We’ll see things like reduced activity repetition, increased challenge rewards, improved vehicle handling, revamped rumble and haptic feedback on controllers, and much more at some point. .

The blog post makes a big deal about Saints Row’s “long-term” support. 2023 will see the launch of an all-new story expansion for the game, both included in the expansion pass and available to purchase separately, as well as new gameplay experiences and city areas to explore.

There’s also other good stuff on the way for Saints Row, including “even bigger quality-of-life updates,” but developer Volition isn’t ready to talk about that just yet. Saints Row may not have had the best start to life, but Volition is definitely not giving up on the new game anytime soon.

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