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Puig brings Penhaligon to life with narrative pop-up at Istanbul Airport

Brand dynamism: the pop-up celebrates the universe of the Penhaligon brand through the imagined stories of its Portraits and Trade Routes fragrance lines

TURKEY. Puig Travel Retail Europe and Unifree Duty Free (a joint venture of Gebr Heinemann) have teamed up to host an exciting new pop-up from Penhaligon to Istanbul Airport.

The consumer-centric activation celebrates the UK perfume house’s storytelling and immerses travelers in the world of Penhaligon’s. It features a striking floor-to-ceiling digital display, a giant perfume bottle, and a whimsical pop-up space design.

The concept was unveiled in January and occupies prominent space in Terminal 4. It will run until the end of June, with Penhaligon products permanently available from July.

“Puig remains firmly committed to travel retail as a brand building platform and is dedicated to providing engaging and disruptive retail to make our customers dream,” commented Puig Travel Retail Vice President Kaatje Noens .

“Storytelling is at the heart of Penhaligon’s and we are excited to bring the brand’s unique fragrance stories to life through this engaging space at Istanbul Airport, which combines retail excellence and digital elements for improve the buyer’s journey. “

The Penhaligon’s pop-up, featuring illustrated floral designs and a giant perfume bottle, has captivated travelers at the airport since January 2021 and will run until the end of June.

The Penhaligon’s pop-up highlights the brand’s Portraits and Trade Routes collections and presents several innovative digital elements to bring the two fragrance lines to life.

The Portraits collection was inspired by the life of imaginary British aristocrats in the late 19th century and takes entertainment and storytelling to new heights. The collection hosts “William Penhaligon”, a new woody oriental scent that pays homage to the founder of the perfume house, who was once a Cornish barber.

The Fragrances of the Portrait Collection are presented in elegant glass bottles enhanced with brass caps. It comes in striking packaging designed by Icelandic illustrator Kristijana S. Williams.

The pop-up combines virtual and real-life stories as beauty assistants guide clients through various interactive entertainment areas.

The Trade Routes collection is inspired by fictional journeys around the world to find “the best exotic imported ingredients” in the 19th century. The flagship product of the range, “Halfeti”, was inspired by a black rose found on the Euphrates in the town of Halfeti, Turkey. The unisex scent combines fruit and spices with floral notes of jasmine.

One of the main features of the pop-up is Penhaligon’s ‘Magic Monocle’ scent profiling tool. Magic Monocle is a self-discovery program that helps customers discover the story behind each Penhaligon scent by scanning a QR code. The tool also provides ingredient and scent information for each fragrance and offers product recommendations based on each customer’s preferences.

“Penhaligon’s is a one-of-a-kind brand that beautifully complements our wider assortment of niche brands with its unique retail concept and fantastic product mix,” commented Ian Foster, Commercial Director of Unifree.

Behold the Magic Monocle: The pop-up shows the ‘Magic Monocle’ fragrance profiling tool, which offers ingredient and scent information, as well as personalized fragrance recommendations

“In addition, the brand’s focus on delivering incredible consumer experiences and obsession with customer service aligns perfectly with our strategy as a retailer. Penhaligon’s is a fantastic asset in encouraging travelers to discover the wider duty free offering in store and we are delighted to finally have the opportunity to present the brand to our customers at Istanbul Airport, ”added Foster .

Britta Hoffmann, Perfumes and Cosmetics Purchasing Director of Heinemann, commented: “With Penhaligon’s, we are delighted to present another success story thanks to the exceptional partnership between Puig and Gebr. Heinemann.

“The brand is shining with a strong performance in Istanbul and setting a very exciting new standard, meeting our customers’ demand for exclusive niche brands. We are extremely pleased with this result and look forward to seeing what the future of Penhaligon has in store for us.

A striking floor-to-ceiling digital display invites travelers to step into Penhaligon’s whimsical world