Netflix, Disney, Amazon plan streaming world domination, but meet resistance


US-based streaming services are shaking up the world order of the entertainment industry.

Netflix Inc., Inc., Walt Disney Co., and AT&T Inc.’s HBO Max continue to grow in overseas markets, investing billions of dollars to produce local-language TV series and movies. This surge creates booms – and competition – for writers, actors, producers, and crews. It also threatens broadcast networks and distributors established in other countries and prompts lawmakers and local producers to act in favor of equal pay and content ownership.

In the past, long-established local players could easily hire top talent from international markets such as Spain, Indonesia or Brazil. With cash-rich streaming companies like Netflix in the mix, the demand for writers, directors and actors is high, putting pressure on local broadcasters and distributors with fewer resources.

“All local buyers, whether linear, digital, cable… are outmatched by global streaming platforms,” said Charlie Corwin, co-managing director of SK Global Entertainment, a Los Angeles-based production company. which trades content with companies including Netflix, Amazon and Disney on high profile international projects taking place in emerging markets such as Thailand and India.

German producer Martin Moszkowicz of Constantin Film says major streaming services are blocking key production professionals. “They’re like vacuum cleaners,” he says. “You can’t have crews, basically all over Europe, at the moment.”

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