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Monkeypox questions answered — and a personal story (via City Cast Salt Lake)

Today in In the Hive, we build on coverage provided this week by City Cast Salt Lake on the local spread of monkeypox.

To date, there have been 42 cases of the viral illness in Utah, with the bulk — 33 cases — in Salt Lake County. The virus spreads primarily through close physical contact involving skin-to-skin contact, and although the illness it causes is far less likely to be fatal than COVID, it can still be a painful experience to have. The most common symptom of monkeypox is a new rash, but other symptoms may include fever, joint pain, swollen lymph nodes, and headache.

Currently, the virus primarily affects gay and bisexual men, but, as a health expert featured on the show puts it, “that could change tomorrow.”

For today’s episode, host Ali Vallarta speaks with a Salt Lakeer who is struggling with the disease right now and a representative from the Salt Lake County Health Department.

Nicholas Rupp, director of communications for the Salt Lake County Health Department
Addison Jenkins, resident of Salt Lake City

SLCO Health Monkey Pox Fact Sheet
SLCO Health homepage for information on monkeypox (including vaccine eligibility).

Thanks to the City Cast Salt Lake team for sharing this conversation with KCPW.