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Memphis IG’s Alleged Story Shows Baby Clue With Hamza

Fans think 90 Day Fiancé couple Memphis Sandoval and Hamza Moknii had a breakup. Meanwhile, rumors of them having a baby together also persist.

While there are rumors of 90 day fiance couple Memphis Sandoval and Hamza Moknii are no longer together, a new Instagram clue suggests that they would have a baby. The controversial pair star in 90 Day Fiance: Before 90 Days season 5, in which Memphis lands in Tunisia to marry Hamza in two weeks. Hamza has already sabotaged her relationship by lying to Memphis about her age. On the other hand, Hamza admitted that he felt like Memphis kept insulting him and making him feel weak. However, rumor has it on the street that Hamza and Memphis not only got married, but that she was also pregnant with his baby before their supposed breakup.


Memphis threatened to break up with Hamza if he didn’t sign a prenup because she wanted to protect herself. Hamza agreed but appeared to be unhappy with the marriage once Memphis received his paperwork. Memphis hoped everything between them would be 50/50 once they got to the United States. But Hamza told the 90 day fiance cameras that he began to wonder if he could spend the rest of his life with a woman who had hurt him so badly. As their story progressed on television, Memphis and Hamza unfollowed on Instagram. There was a comment left by Memphis’ mother, Deborah, on Hamza’s page calling him her handsome son-in-law. And a few days later, she accused Hamza of being abusive.

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Meanwhile, an alleged ex from Memphis recently took to Twitter to claim that Memphis and Hamza had a baby. It seemed like a rumor until now, but a photo of Memphis and Deborah has started circulating online, which could indicate she’s become a mom for a third time. The screenshot was shared by 90 day fiance @truecrime_jankie news account on Instagram captioned, “Another proof of a baby Hamza and his wife had. 👶”The photo shows Memphis holding a little baby and posing with his mom, who has been tagged”@deborahsmithprice90daymemphis,” for a selfie. Part of the newborn’s small forehead is visible in the lower left corner of Memphis’ alleged Instagram story.

In the comments, the blogger claimed to have “confirmed only from 2 internal sources.“It looks like Memphis and Hamza will be in a new season after their current 90 Day Fiance: Before 90 Days stint. So Hamza and Memphis might try to be secret because they”we must hide it and protect the NDA.” However, the way things are going between Hamza and Memphis in the public eye, it’s possible they won’t have a happily ever after. The Memphis mother tells a fan: “People like you think everything on TV is real. I was present,on Hamza’s Instagram post is definitely a sign of trouble in heaven.

Mom is the word for Memphis recently after posting several stories about how she regrets going on 90 day fiance. She claimed that she wanted to go back in time and give her little toe to do so due to the negative impact the show had on her, Hamza and her family. In that case, Memphis agreeing to be part of a new season/spin-off all together and fearing its NDA seems unlikely. Still, things are unlikely to go well between Hamza and Memphis, who just want to spice things up for the gram. They might be trying to divert all attention from a spoiler, which in this case is Memphis and Hamza’s supposed baby.

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Source: @truecrime_jankie/Instagram


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