Kevin Hester Jr. gets scholarships from BC, S. Miss in first 8 days


It might not be the ground speed record for the power conference’s fastest college football scholarship, but it could be close: after just over a week of playing the sport, the North Cobb’s great body, Kevin Hester Jr., has received scholarship offers from Boston College and the Southern Miss, among other programs.

As posted on its official Twitter feed and sent by our friends from Vivid Seats, Hester Jr. received his first FBS Division I scholarship offer on May 12, with Miss South comes forward. Four days later, Boston College followed suit.

It would be four strong days for any player. It was a remarkable setting for a teenager who played his first day of football on May 8, according to North Cobb coach Jesse Lynch.

If you think Hester’s physical makeup may have something to do with having him on campus, you’re right. The rising senior is listed as 6 feet 5 inches or 6 feet 6 inches and 230 pounds. That’s enough size to project himself as a college tight end or a defensive end, and Hester has the agility to play in either role.

This athleticism was born on the basketball court, just like the Antonio Gates-es of the league before him. He currently competes for the prestigious Atlanta Celtics of the AAU circuit and Adidas Gauntlet. In football, Hester has both the athleticism and the physical framework to absorb some of the punishment that would be given to him.

Still, the most important thing about Hester Jr.’s recruiting so far is the insight it provides into the appetite college programs have for tall, athletic standing meat. The drive to find the next big raw gem is pushing the best scouts in Georgia to see Hester, and maybe that will send him to Boston College or another Power 5 program that is confident in his ability to turn him into a big one. player.

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