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Juranovic’s non-story is a classic example of trending speculation as news.

I see there is some consternation on social media tonight over what is nothing more than a throwaway tweet from “respected” journalist Fabrizio Romano.

This guy has 8 million Twitter followers, so he’s not some brainless eejit getting retweeted by other brainless eejits. But Juranovic’s tweet tonight is… nonsense.

Look at this, will you? It raises more questions than it offers answers.

As Walter Mondale once jokingly asked Gary Hart, “Where’s the beef?”

First, what is the source of this highly speculative claim?

Should leave by whom exactly?

The player? His agents?

Neither of them hinted at such a thing.

Celtic? I very much doubt it.

There is no way our club will voluntarily let go of a player who is right on the doorstep and especially an Angel values ​​so highly, unless the price tag is obscene, which it should be.

Second, who are these clubs?

You will notice that there is not a word, not a single real informationin this tweet.

This is kite flying and I don’t care how many Twitter followers this guy has…if he’s going to post something like this it must be backed by something and it’s not backed by a single thing that I can see.

This is speculation from an unidentified source and goes against what the player has said publicly.

Honestly, if this tweet contained a snippet of concrete information, if it came from a specific source, if it didn’t read like something posted just to get a reaction – how do you think anyone, n Does Anyone Get 8 Million Twitter Followers in the First Place? “I might be inclined to take it seriously.

But why should I when it only contains one verifiable fact, that he had a great season for club and country?

It’s the only thing in this tweet that’s grounded in reality and so please people stop sending it to me and expect any reaction other than the laughing faces I’ve already posted on the original.

This is a non-textbook story.

And I don’t need to wait for Big Angel to confirm it before treating it as such.

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