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Joey Badass Says Injuring His Eyes Story Was An Excuse To Quit Logic Tour

Joey Badass exposes a years-old lie.

The 27-year-old Brooklyn native revealed on Tuesday that his reported eye injuries in 2017 were not caused by a solar eclipse. In fact, he suffered no injuries. Joey made the admission after a Twitter user criticized his reaction to the controversy surrounding Lizzo’s use of the word “spaz”. Badass called the backlash “crazy” and insisted he would never apologize to “white America”.

“Not the nigga who looked directly at the sun during a solar eclipse boldly sharing an opinion,” the user wrote.

“Yeah, that’s me, and I still see the world way better than you do,” Joey replied. “Speaking of solar eclipses, you know I’ve never had any eye damage from that solar eclipse shit that ‘happened’.”

Joey went on to say that the eye injury report was “literally created” by blogs, and he simply accepted the rumor because he needed an “excuse” to pull out of Logic’s Everybody tour. . He announced his departure via social media at the time, citing “unforeseen circumstances”. A fan said the cancellation was due to Badass watching a solar eclipse without sunglasses, which he previously admitted on Twitter.

“I went there because it was convenient for me at the time,” Joey explained on Wednesday. “But it was also funny to see how gullible people are. It taught me a valuable lesson, whatever the media releases in unison, people will just believe it. Even if the source isn’t not validated Scary world.

He went on to say that there was no bad blood between him and Logic, but that the tour “just didn’t serve me well at the time”.

He then wrapped things up by teasing a big announcement for Thursday. Rapper Pro Era prepares to go out 2000his first real studio album in more than five years, this Friday, June 17. He will support the project with the 1999-2000 Tour, which also celebrates 10 years of 1999 mix tape.