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“I had the love of my life”

National icon Betty Blanche died at age 99 on Friday, just before her centenary. His agent and close friend Jeff Witjas said People that White believed that when she died she would be reunited with her late husband, Allen Ludden.

After two failed marriages, White met Ludden by appearing as a guest on Password in 1961, which he hosted. He proposed only a few weeks after they met, but she refused him until Easter 1963. They were married that same year.

Even after their marriage, the actress called her husband “the love of his life.” “They are like newlyweds”, producer Lin Bolen said the outing in the ’70s. “When they can’t be together at work, they call each other from their dressing rooms.”

White said the key to their lasting relationship was enthusiasm.

“The secret to our marriage was enthusiasm,” she said. “When I knew Allen was coming home, I would brush up on my makeup and put on a new blouse.”

Allen was diagnosed with end-stage stomach cancer in the late 1970s. While ill, she rehearsed for The Mary Tyler Moore Show then head straight for the hospital.

He died in 1981, and by that time they had been married for 18 years. White never remarried after his death.

“She keeps a photo of him on her bedside table and kisses him every morning,” said the longtime executive personal assistant. Kiersten Mikelas at People recently. “At night, when she opens the shutters, she blows him a kiss in the sky.”

In 2011, Anderson Cooper asked White why she had never remarried and she replied, “I had the love of my life. If you’ve had the best, who needs the rest? “