How Paytm uses content to generate leads in the FinTech space


When it comes to B2B content marketing at Paytm, the end goal is pretty simple: generate leads.

And that is exactly what Saurin Parikh’s efforts are aimed at. In this episode of Pepper Content Presents, Top of the Funnel: Where Content Conversations Begin, Natasha Puri, Head of Content Marketing at Pepper, spoke with Saurin Parikh, Deputy Managing Director, Content Marketing, Paytm.

Can the content have a clear purpose and a measurable ROI? This is a question that many marketers and brands still struggle with. In the fintech space, however, the role of content has become increasingly clear over the years.

Content Marketing in Finance

Saurin’s experience as a journalist and then his successful stints at Cleartax and Razorpay have equipped him not only to create relevant content in the financial space, but also to target it to the right audience at the right time.

“We follow two approaches to SEO. The first is responsive – relying on keywords that are trendy in our industry and making sure we create content around them. The second is proactive. ”

The latter, he believes, is hugely important and relevant to the fintech space, as it means creating content around keywords that might be all the rage tomorrow. Essentially, it’s like “answering questions before they come to the user’s mind.”

How to create content that generates leads? Saurin’s approach is collaborative. “Each writer on my team is aligned with a product team. This allows him to become an expert in the industry and to be in tune with the offerings of this product. ”

He likens it to the “beat reporting” system he was so used to working with as a journalist. This deep understanding of the product coupled with an understanding of the buyer’s personality and finally a knack for storytelling and data – these elements lead to content that wins.

The USP of killer content

As the post-COVID world sees content overload, Saurin is clear that if content is here to stay, below average content won’t be enough.

“Right now, there is no marketing without content. If you want to use ads, you need copies. If you want to make video, you need a script. Content will remain a mainstay of marketing. “

So what will stand out? Content that has USP: Useful, Shareable, and Productive.

This means that content that has a specific intent, is useful to the user, serves a purpose, and becomes shareable. And from a brand perspective, productive content – whether it’s building brand awareness or generating leads. This is the kind of content that will come out of the mess.

Create content, measure results

Proving ROI for content is still a challenge that many marketers face. At Paytm, one campaign that sees a clear impact is the one around the February annual budget announcement.

“We try to distribute the budget from the point of view of our users and evenly across sectors. Every year in February, we see an increase in traffic to our landing pages, ”explains Saurin.

Ultimately, however, he’s convinced that efforts to have a clear distribution plan are as important as the content itself.

“Going forward, the brands that win in content marketing are the ones that win in distribution. The content is created once, but can be distributed in multiple formats, ”says Saurin.

Edited by Teja Lele Desai

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