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Harold and the Purple Crayon Stage Musical finds its authors

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Harold and the purple pencil Stage Musical finds its book authors

Dan Rothenberg and Robert Quillen Camp will adapt the 1955 children’s book with a score by indie pop rock band AJR.

Dan Rothenberg and Robert Quillen Camp

The in-development adaptation of Crockett Johnson’s 1955 children’s book Harold and the purple pencil found its authors in playwright Dan Rothenberg and Robert Quillen Camp. The pair join a writing team that includes Jack and Ryan Met of indie pop rock band AJR, who are handling the score.

Both Rothenberg and Camp are alumni of Philadelphia’s Pig Iron Theater Company, where Rothenberg is co-founder and co-artistic director and Camp has collaborated on works such as Chekhov’s lizard brain, Payand Franklin’s Secret City. Camp also co-wrote all hands for Hoi Polloi Theater Company with Great Comet composer Dave Malloy; and white on whitewhich recently premiered Off-Broadway at JACK.

The Broadway-bound project, adapted from Johnson’s classic book about a young boy who uses a magic pencil to create the world around him, transforms the book’s four-year-old hero into a young adult facing real-life problems, including a lot can fall outside the capabilities of this magic pencil. The work is carried out by Little shredded pill Tiwary Entertainment Group (TEG+) from producer Vivek J. Tiwary.

“We liked Harold and the purple pencil since we were kids,” Camp and Rothenberg said in a statement. “We are thrilled to have the opportunity to bring real emotional depth to match the wonder and charm of the original story. Ryan and Jack’s music is so infused with joy, mischief and nostalgia – it will be the perfect conduit for Harold’s inventive spirit.”

“To say I’ve been a lifelong fan of Dan and Quill’s work would be an understatement – I’ve followed them since high school!” Tiwary adds. “Dan and Quill have a unique ability to merge the new and the experimental with the infinitely relatable, just like an AJR song! So I’m really proud to bring together this dream team to adapt Harold and the purple pencil for the stage.”

The Mets have reportedly already written and recorded demo songs for the project, and Rothenberg and Camp are well into work on the playbook.

Tiwary’s TEG was recently renamed TEG+ with a capital investment that will allow the company to work with leading musical artists on creating storytelling entertainment across many mediums. The company also recently appointed theater and film producer Elie Landau TEG+ as managing director. Landau joins the company after producing Broadway’s meteor shower and the current Broadway revival funny girlwith the documentary film paperclips.