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From a very poor child to a multi-millionaire: the story of SimoLife!

In 1997, at the age of 9, a young child saw a computer for the first time. He was blown away when he walked into the internet cafe with his uncle and saw all these alienating machines. Even more amazed when his uncle explains to him: “I text people from Canada, Japan, France, Egypt…”

The little child knew that something magical was happening in the world! He learned early on that the Internet was the future. And that could be a way out for his family. This is the success story of a child from Africa, born in a small poor neighborhood to an unemployed mother and a broke military father.

Who’s the kid, SimoLife?

Mohamed Baabit, known as SimoLife, is a Moroccan, African and Arab entrepreneur. He is a digital marketing expert and e-commerce consultant, and the CMO of YouCan and COD Network, two services that aim to make e-commerce simpler and easier for everyone. Especially for young African entrepreneurs in the third world.


SimoLife was born in 1988. 18 years later, at the end of 2006, he obtained his Baccalaureate. He majored in electronics but didn’t like the field that much. The ghost of the internet and computing power has never left its head.

Still, he would join the university as a challenge to keep growing. But he also spent the rest of his day hanging out with foreigners in Marrakech to improve his English and win encounters. At night, he drowns in his cheap desktop computer which often takes, says SimoLife, tens of minutes to turn on.

He spent his time reading and learning about digital marketing, and trying a thing or two to earn an income.

The Internet’s first dollar!

In 2008, Mohamed decided to learn affiliate marketing. He wasn’t so serious about it though. He will then spend 2009 and 2010 doing one thing: mastering affiliate marketing.

Finally, in 2009, he would make his very first sale! It had continued and creaked every day. He had read success stories of American marketers and entrepreneurs and said, “They did it, me too, me too!”

In 2010, he made 3 sales! He always relied more on real work and parents to survive and lead a fairly humble life.

The journey changes!

In 2011, Simo’s efforts were rightly rewarded! He had made over $100,000 in profit through affiliate marketing!

That was probably more than his father had earned in the last 15 years in the army! It was a raise for the little boy who is now 23. The following year, he made a clean profit of $300,000 as a marketing subsidiary of a large billion-dollar American company.

He was then invited to be honored in the United States by this same society, and he would leave Morocco and network with millionaires for the first time!

He would love that. And he would learn that the world is bigger than his neighborhood Douar Iziki; even bigger than Marrakech!

E-commerce and Bangkok!

Simo is now starting to be a household name in Morocco. In the entrepreneurial community at least. He would, however, pack his bags and move to Bangkok, Thailand. He and his friend would earn their first million dollars there, living a lifestyle they never thought they were capable of.

It was fun and fulfilling. Especially when you consider that SimoLife would spend all of its free time inspiring other Moroccans to do the same. Risk it all and pursue their business ideas and give them life!

He has gained tens, hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram. He had become a rockstar in the Moroccan social media arena. Every kid and budding entrepreneur would look up to him and his lifestyle (well, not literally everyone…he had his own enemies too!).

But with everything going on, with all the millions of dollars he had accumulated over the years, he still felt like he wasn’t doing enough! He always felt like he had to help other aspiring Moroccan, African and Arab entrepreneurs!

YouCan & COD-Network!

SimoLife decides to return to Morocco and co-founds YouCan, a CMS and website builder for e-commerce stores. YouCan’s idea was revolutionary. It was the first e-commerce platform where you don’t have to pay unless you win! You only pay 0.5% of your income!

Besides being cheap, YouCan was super easy to use, had advanced marketing tricks, and was overall responsive and near-perfect!

YouCan now has the largest active stores in Egypt. While the numbers are a little less clear, SimoLife claimed to have users almost all over the world, with +100,000 users in Morocco, of which +30,000 are active and making sales every day!

Sufficient? Nope! SimoLife will co-found COD-Network (Cash-on-Delivery Network). The company handles everything for sellers in the Middle East, with a plan to cover the whole world!

Anyone, anywhere can now buy their product directly from China! Then the COD team would have them checked, shipped to the target country and stored there.

When the seller makes a sale, they are one click away for the COD team to ship it to the buyer and return the profit to the merchant’s account.

Final Thoughts:

SimoLife’s vision is to build an army of 100,000 Moroccan Marketers to reach one million dollars, and at least millions worldwide! Over the past few years, the strides he and his team, along with the entire board, have managed to grow the company’s net worth to $20 million!

Now he lives with his wife and parents on a farm he bought from them and manages everything from his workspace at home, or often at their start-up center in Morocco’s capital, Rabat. He realizes his dream: to own a huge herd of sheep and take care of it for the rest of his life!

Author & Biography:

Hamid Nouasria is a content writer and SEO specialist who has written and published dozens of articles, e-books and blogs on entrepreneurship, business and digital marketing. It is considered one of the top 1% skills on Upwork with a Top-Rated Plus badge on the platform.