Everything we know about Susan Sarandon’s daughter Eva Amurri


Not only do they practically look like twins, but Susan Sarandon and Eva Amurri have a close mother-daughter relationship.

Susan Sarandon’s fifty-year career in film has made her a cultural icon. His work in Thelma and Louise, Hunger, and Rocky Horror Image Show has left generations of spectators in awe. It is also her unique beauty that has given her a recognizable and intriguing look on screen. Sarandon’s daughter, Eva Amurri, looks like a near-true copy of her mother. Not only do they practically look like twins, but they also have a pretty close mother-daughter relationship.

If Eva Amurri was part of the Hollywood scene, she is also a blogger and an entrepreneur! She started her own business in 2015, Happily Eva After. Her website is dedicated to providing online resources for new mothers. Besides being a businesswoman, here’s everything we know about Susan Sarandon’s daughter, Eva Amurri.

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ten She is the daughter of Italian filmmaker Franco Amurri

Franco Amurri

Via fusion films

Eva is the daughter of Italian director, producer and screenwriter Franco Amurri. He is best known for his film Da great, which inspired the making of the Tom Hanks film Large. The award-winning filmmaker was in a relationship with Eva’s mother, Susan Sarandon, from 1984 to 1988.

9 She grew up around movie sets

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8 Her son suffered a traumatic brain injury

After experiencing a traumatic miscarriage, Amurri gave birth to her second child in 2016, who then suffered a traumatic brain injury. On her blog Happily Eva After, she describes her experience dealing with her son’s injury. “The darkest year of my life followed, with huge mental health issues and intense strain on my marriage. But it all brought me to this current place, where I can honestly say I am the happiest and most balanced I have ever been.

7 She is divorced

Until 2019, Eva Amurri was married to Kyle Martino, a former professional football star. The couple announced their separation on Instagram in November of that year, writing, “Our family is on a new path.” In 2020, Martino reflected on his divorce on the sports program, The Cooligans. “I met Eva at a really difficult time in my life – I had just suffered a career-ending injury,” he recalls. “So, I mean, she was there to save my life, really, at a time that was incredibly tumultuous.”

6 She and her ex-husband had a nanny scandal

Eva Amurri and Kyle Martino

Via luckily Eva after

Not everyone is immune to the scandal, as she and her ex-husband Kyle Martino found themselves in a tight spot a few years ago. In 2016, Martino fired their children’s nanny after sending her a risky text. When Amurri told the story as a weird but funny anecdote, rumors spread that Martino was having an affair. Amurri dispelled the rumors in a blog post, but admitted her marriage was a challenge.

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5 She is an entrepreneur

Eva Amurri founded her own business and lifestyle blog, Happily Eva After. She launched the site in 2015 to share her interests in food, style and decor. The site offers online resources and personal advice for new moms, plus trendy merchandise and items to buy.

4 Her mother is proud of Eva’s maternal instincts

Susan Sarandon, now 69 and a grandmother of three beautiful children, told the Today’s show that she was inspired by her daughter’s maternal instincts. “I think what she’s doing is amazing,” Sarandon gushes. “I’m very proud of her. And she’s a really funny kid. She’s fierce, she’s strong.”

3 She’s done with the game

In conversation with CTInsider, Amurri reveals that her Hollywood days are most likely over. Amurri has 33 acting credits to his credit, the last being in 2016. His most notable roles are in He’s my boy Checked in!, and Californication. When asked if she was done with acting, Amurri replies: “[I’m] No more pursuit of action. If I had to find something in a more realistic part of life that I really liked, maybe. Never say never.”

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2 She is dating a chef

After her divorce, Amurri met her now boyfriend, Ian Hock, a few years later. Hock, who is a chef, introduced himself to Amurri while she was having dinner at her restaurant in Connecticut. Amurri blogged about their relationship, writing: “By the time he took me out to dinner for the first time, I felt so close to him, and so safe with him, and it was old fashioned dating to good. regards.

1 She is of Welsh heritage

In February, she posted on Instagram about her recently discovered Welsh heritage. Amurri and a close friend researched their origin to trace their family lineage to find that their two ancestors lived in the same village. In the message, she writes: “It was so cool to look at the old church documents together. All this to say that I bet you didn’t know I was part of Welsh.

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