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Desperate Daily Record tries to defend their Juranovic story by naming Celtic ‘Alternative’.

The transfer lie that won’t die took a fun new twist yesterday when The Daily Record published a disastrous article suggesting Celtic already have a ready-made ‘alternative’ to Juranovic on our radar.

The author of this horrible piece was the notorious Mark Pirie, one of the worst writers in the whole country.

It’s a joke, and this last article is a joke.

Juranovic’s story should be buried in a shallow, unmarked grave.

It’s dead. There is nothing and there never was.

The basic foundation of this one – the Romano tweet – has been completely demolished. No one at Celtic ‘expects’ him to leave this summer. Neither the player nor his agents “expect” him to leave.

Atletico Madrid’s history also crumbled.

Still, The Record tries to push that. Their ‘suggestion’ to target Yan Couto – who was linked with us last season before we signed Juranovic – is both lazy and unappreciated.

No one inside Celtic will send Pirie a thank you letter for this.

The thing is, I’m sure we already have contingencies for all kinds of events and contingencies. There’s no doubt that we’ve given some thought to the possibility that Juranovic has his head turned by all this speculation; that’s the goal, after all.

And I’m sure we’ll have our options list already…and I doubt any guy who was lucky enough to come last year and opted for something else would be on that list, if it’s really what happened with Couto.

Juranovic isn’t going anywhere of course.

This is the truth, and this truth has been broadcast all over the media despite those who want this story to continue.

The likes of Anthony Joseph got into the thick of it by talking to the people at the center of the story.

Celtic people. People connected to the reader.

The Record’s insistence on pushing this when the issue is dead is a statement about the poverty of journalism there. That they think Celtic need advice on who we should go to if by any chance this story grows real legs… it’s just insulting.

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