Cuomo’s last cynical stone wall over his outrageous book deal


Lawyers for Governor Cuomo are really scraping the bottom of the barrel to protect their client from yet more scandals.

The problem now is to ask questions about possible illegal work by staff on the government book project, which brought in $ 5.12 million. Specifically, a series of Times Union Freedom of Information Act requests.

Requests that Cuomo’s attorneys have denied, citing a FOIL exception for law enforcement records whose disclosure could jeopardize an ongoing investigation.

Huh? Yes, the Assembly impeachment inquiry is looking at (supposedly) the deal on the book as well as the government’s cover-up of nursing home deaths and other issues. But the TU wants to see the timesheets of his assistants which Cuomo says prove his innocence, as well as correspondence between the governor’s office and the Joint Commission on Public Ethics, which allegedly agreed to the deal’s deal. book provided it does not use the state. resources to write it.

None of this is a law enforcement record, so it’s hard to see how the exemption applies. His attorneys also cite a law that protects ethics committee documents – but Cuomo’s own office issued one of those same letters in April: this an illegal action?

The courts will eventually sort this out, but for now, Cuomo’s stone wall protects him from even more bad news – which he will surely consider “old news” when the truth finally comes out.

It’s a really cynical game, but one he can afford: $ 5 million in “blood money” will pay a lot of legal fees.

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