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Comic Book Writers Keep Talking About Unfair Marvel Studios Salaries

The MCU is facing a backlash for the unfair salary it only gives comic book writers. Comic Book Writers Speak Out.

Behind almost every Marvel & DC movie, the beloved storyline and characters were owned by the writers before they even hit the big screen. The only time the names of comic book creators are mentioned is in the end credits in small print, “based on the comic whose author is blank.” Lack of honor and recognition also seems to play a role in writers’ willingness to speak up. Faced with the facts, Marvel and DC owe nearly all of their success and popularity to these comic book creators – and yet stories of unfair payment continue to circulate.


Most notably, comic book author Ed Brubaker and his partner Steve Epting, who originally created the Winter Soldier, have expressed their displeasure. Brubaker told The Guardian he sometimes felt “a little sick of [his] stomach “when fans email him asking for comments on The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. However, he noted that his MARvel characters drew readers to some of his other work. The problem is, Marvel can take a superhero and from that, create a web of multiple different pathways to make a profit.

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Marvel and DC have merchandise, movies, series, action figures – the list goes on for the endless possibilities to generate income. Brubaker said the maximum he and Epting received in response to that gross profit is a simple “thank you.” Now the comic book makers seem to be running out of business and it has stagnated. The bare minimum that these writers are supposed to receive is no more than upfront fees and copyright.

The Guardian also reported that when a writer’s character is featured in a movie, they receive a standard amount of $ 5,000 and an invitation to the premiere. Brubaker goes one step further to verify that Marvel Studios undoubtedly has the means to not only pay writers properly, but also give them the respect and honor they deserve.

Brubaker also made a statement revealing that he was paid far more for brief appearances in films than for his actual creations. Marvel can afford it, and it’s pretty baffling why this unequal pay for comic book authors is still being tolerated. Marvel is showcasing and giving a lot more money to famous actors who wouldn’t have roles without these writers. Hopefully Brubaker and other writers speak up and spur change and growth.

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SOURCE: The Guardian

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