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INDIANAPOLIS, Aug 24, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Nonprofit Certell, Inc., has launched Poptential ™, a family of free social studies courses that combine pop culture media with engaging digital storytelling for effective and dynamic learning by today’s digital native students. Click to tweet.

Poptential is the evolution of Certell’s popular online program used by more than 28,000 teachers in 50 states. Courses available include American History, World History, US Government / Civics, and Economics.

“The potential is the natural progression for Certell as we develop new ways to reach today’s digitally savvy learners with a meaningful and entertaining curriculum,” said Frederic Fransen, CEO of Certell, Inc. “This approach has been shown to be effective in imparting knowledge and teaching students how to think critically.

According to a recent study by Project Tomorrow®, 90% of teachers using Poptential say it increases their effectiveness in the classroom, and 84% of students say pop culture references help them learn.

“Certell’s Poptential is a comprehensive and dynamic program that matches student interest and teacher goals,” said Andrew Jones, professor of social studies at Fishers High School, Fishers, Ind. “The correspondence between pop culture and timeless concepts makes this a victory for both of us. I have been well served by the teacher’s content and recommend it to others.

Poptential courses include everything instructors need to teach a subject, digitally accessible in one place, including lessons, eBooks, bell ringers, quizzes and tests, as well as pop culture materials. to make the lessons interesting and relevant to the students. Classes are standards-based and developed by social studies teachers.

Each course includes a teacher edition ebook and student edition ebooks. The teacher edition is organized by monthly units, weekly modules and daily lessons. The curriculum is set on school calendars and compatible with popular classroom apps.

The student edition includes video clips, audio clips, and reading assignments that are digestible and informative. Classes are designed so that students can read and use multimedia at home, then come to class ready to discuss.

Content is available through Certell’s PostPossible ™ platform, which allows students to access courses even in low bandwidth environments. PostPossible also provides teachers and administrators with real-time analytics on student learning to help teachers refine lessons and better understand each student’s progress.

Potential courses are available free at www.certell.org.

About Certell, Inc.
Certell is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization whose mission is to create informed and engaged citizens by supporting innovative teachers who disrupt the traditional civic education system. Certell is the creator of Poptential, a family of free social studies courses that combine pop culture media with engaging digital storytelling for effective and dynamic learning. Poptential is used by educators in all 50 states. For more information, visit certell.org or Twitter @CertellOrg.

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