Black lives turned upside down by police: raw videos spark outrage


Raw videos showing officers shooting and beating unarmed blacks sparked outrage and disbelief. Captured by cell phones or police cameras, images spread on social networks, highlighting disturbing police encounters.

“A lot of white people are really shocked at what these videos describe; I know very few African Americans who are surprised, ”said Paul D. Butler, Georgetown University law professor and former prosecutor.

The videos have led to nationwide protests and federal investigations. And even as politics and attitudes about race change after the footage goes viral, some fear the constant exposure could desensitize viewers or provoke psychological trauma, especially in people of color.

“I know a lot of others like me think this is something that really has an impact on our community, and we have an obligation to see it, understand it and comment on it,” said said Monnica Williams, professor of psychology at the University of Connecticut. studies trauma related to racism. “But looking at him is mind-numbing.”

These videos contain disturbing and graphic scenes of violence. We’ve compiled them here to provide a recording of the raw footage that sparked a national conversation about race and the police.

Johnnie Jermaine Rush

Police body camera video released on February 28 shows two white police officers hitting and beating Johnnie Jermaine Rush, whom they accused of jaywalking. While pinned to the ground, Mr. Rush, who is black, repeatedly shouted, “I can’t breathe!” One of the officers resigned and the police chief offered to do the same.

Dejuan room

March 10, 2017
Vallejo, California

Dejuan Hall, 23, was pursued and apprehended by a police officer who is seen hitting Mr. Hall and hitting him with an object. In a spectator video, you can hear people shouting “Police brutality”. The Vallejo policeman then shouts: “Shut up. Come back, ”and brandishes his gun.

Jacqueline Craig and her children

December 21, 2016
Fort Worth, Texas.

Jacqueline Craig, 46, and her daughters, aged 15 and 19, were arrested after reporting to police that a neighbor strangled her 7-year-old son for throwing out trash. The Bodycam video shows the responder, Constable William Martin, asking the mother, “Why don’t you teach your son not to litter? He later directs a Taser at the family, then handcuffs the women. Mr. Martin received a 10-day suspension for excessive force and continues to defend his actions.

Philando Castille

Philando Castile, 32, was shot dead during a traffic stop in a suburb of Saint-Paul, the consequences of which were captured in a gruesome video recorded by the car’s front passenger and streamed live as the man collapsed against her. His young daughter was sitting in the back seat. In June, a jury found Minnesota Police Officer Jeronimo Yanez not guilty of all charges, including second degree manslaughter. The dash cam video was released a few days later.

South Carolina high school student

Videos, apparently shot by students in a high school classroom, show a white school policeman grabbing an African-American student by the neck, knocking her back as she sat at her desk, then dragging her and throwing it on the ground.

Samuel Dubose

The body camera of Constable Ray Tensing of the University of Cincinnati Police Department captured the moment he shot Samuel Dubose, 43, during a traffic stop involving a missing front license plate. Constable Tensing, who is Caucasian, has twice faced a jury on charges related to Mr. Dubose’s death. Both times ended in an annulment of the trial.

Laquan McDonald

Dashcam video shows Laquan McDonald, 17, running and then walking past police officers when he is hit by bullets. One of the officers, Jason Van Dyke, who is white, was charged with murder on November 24, 2015. Mr. McDonald, who is black, was shot 16 times.

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