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And speaking of storytelling photos: a security camera filmed from the scene of Linda Collins’ murder

And speaking of storytelling photos: Security camera filmed from Linda Collins murder scene – Arkansas Times

SECURITY CAMERA: This photo was taken at the scene of Linda Collins’ fatal stabbing.

I have browsed the files recently posted by Arkansas State Police of his investigation into the fatal stabbing of elders Republican Senator Linda Collins in his house in Pocahontas. His old friend, Rebecca O’Donnell, pleaded guilty and is serving a 50-year sentence.

The files, previously sealed, have so far failed to add significantly to what had already been learned from arrest affidavits and other documents in the case, mainly that O’Donnell had apparently stolen from Collins. She sold gold and silver coins belonging to Collins and her ex-husband Phil Smith to metal dealers. This may have led to a lunchtime confrontation at Collins’ house in 2019 when O’Donnell used a knife to kill Collins in his kitchen.

Efforts had been made to remove footage captured by Collins’ security cameras inside and outside the house, but some, including a clip from which this screenshot was taken, have been recorded in the cloud and discovered by investigators. As reported here in 2020, O’Donnell told inmates at Jackson County Jail that she knew there was a video of her holding a bloody knife. This appeared in a murder plot in which O’Donnell targeted his ex-husband, his new wife and the local prosecutor.

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