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An American Story: Rap, Auto Racing, and theft of Delicious Snacks

Buying a new car is an expensive way to spend those beloved “Biden Bucks” thanks to the 2021 Child Tax Credit, especially with inflation on the rise. This is why it is absolutely essential to negotiate the best possible price when acquiring a new vehicle for personal, professional use or for occasional filming.

Arrik Schmidt is a guy who knows the US dollar isn’t going as far as it used to be. And because the majority of Schmidt’s child tax credit funds are likely going to buy crack cocaine, it was necessary for him to offer his favorite new car dealership an alternative payment method for that sexy Ford Navigator. that auto and crack enthusiasts had hoped to take. residence.

So what did Schmidt offer Elite Auto of Raleigh, NC, in return for this SUV? Gold? Bitcoin? Sexual favors?

No. Schmidt is neither a collector of alternative currencies nor particularly adept at the ways of the flesh. He is however an amateur rapper. So, he offered to release a few rhymes in exchange for this sweet new browser on the dealer’s lot.

Heartbreak… Disappointment… Theft of a snack truck…

Mr. Schmidt’s generous offer to Elite Auto was rejected by the dealership manager who clearly had no appreciation for urban music.

“He asked if he could rap well enough if I would give him the Navigator”, manager Stephen Jackson told local media. He said, ‘Well, let me do a few moves tonight, and I’ll be back tomorrow to see what we can do. “

Disillusioned and filled with overwhelming disappointment, Schmidt returned to his modest home like a broken man.

Her dreams were shattered. His hopes were dashed. His aspirations for musical fame and acceptance as a viable member of the neighborhood crack carpool were trampled on.

Schmidt closed his tired eyes and fell asleep with visions of SUVs rolling through his head.

Morning came, and with the arrival of the new day came the promise of new options for Schmidt to acquire a vehicle suitable for his daily commute.

Frito-Lay: Betcha can’t eat one …

Our hero, Schmidt, was still determined to find a new set of wheels, but his stomach was growling. Faced with the almost insurmountable challenge of appeasing his hunger, Mr. Schmidt went to Carlie C’s grocery store to rap for food.

When he arrived at Carlie C’s, Schmidt had a vision of the sky: a Frito-Lay truck with the keys still inside.

“Say,” Schmidt may or may not have thought. “No one in my neighborhood has a snack truck in their garage. I could steal this stuff and live on Frito-Lay crisps for a week. It would save me money on groceries which means more money for crack! “

So Schmidt got behind the wheel of his dream ride and headed home.

Unfortunately, the police did not support Mr. Schmidt in his decision to commit a major auto theft, so the aspiring rapper led them in a high-speed chase for almost 100 miles.

Delayed, but not discouraged in his dreams …

Arrik Schmidt now resides in Harnett County Jail. He plans to continue his rapping career after putting his legal issues behind him.

Hammer and Nigel have more details on this inspiring American story in the clip below.