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A youth inspired by STEM shares her story

A youngster’s shared story of how programs like MSU Extension’s Science Literacy Team inspired them to pursue careers in STEM.

The goal of Michigan State University’s 4-H Extension Science Team is to inspire youth and increase literacy in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) throughout Michigan. One way to increase interest in STEM is to provide information and ideas to engage young people in exploring their world. Esha is a youngster who was inspired by the science team at MSU Extension.

A year ago, Esha contacted MSU Extension and started discussing STEM, STEM opportunities, and writing about STEM. Esha has a blog and is passionate about STEM and writing, so she was asked to share her STEM story, which is as follows.

My name is Esha Salman; I’m in first grade in high school. As far back as I can remember, I have always had a passion for reporting on many social issues through writing. It allowed me to reflect on the components of society and allowed me to develop my hobby of exploring elements of science in the modern age. Writing has become my gateway to unlocking the world of STEM. Through my writings, I have been able to share my research on many STEM topics such as water and air pollution. I was able to make a connection between science and writing, which encouraged me to pursue my future career in STEM.

As a kid, I was mostly exposed to STEM careers. But without understanding the educational weight that each STEM career offered me, I was dissuaded from pursuing this path. I was also a movie buff, and that influenced my decision for my future career. I was determined to be an actor.

After taking the time to learn more about the role STEM plays in my life, like the many elements that are part of the things that design those same movies I used to watch, I was intrigued by the many ways I could immerse myself in STEM fields. I took the time to do my own research into STEM fields and slowly built up a passion for the many things STEM plays a part in. I became more interested in biology and paid more attention to the anatomy of organisms and constantly used devices. I became more intrigued by the inner workings of the human brain and began to find a pattern in the multiple mathematical equations assigned to me as homework every night.

The need for STEM is greater than ever, and the primary goal of exciting every child or at least being aware of the amazing reality of STEM rather than the dreary facade people push is necessary for advancement. generational. Organizations such as Houston, TX-based MSU Extension, 4-H, and STEM-E help provide resources for students that actively engage them in hands-on learning processes that develop their understanding and passion for STEM . STEM-E is an organization that expanded my narrow STEM mindset and introduced me to a new world full of endless possibilities that I was able to access through distance learning. By taking advantage of the multiple resources STEM-E gave me, I was able to connect with STEM and explore future career opportunities.

At MSU Extension, we agree that STEM engages young people to identify problems and design solutions while exploring and understanding their world – the backyard, a pond, a frozen hill, outer space or a companion dog. Science is not about being right or wrong, but rather about solving questions with curiosity to discover answers. Identifying problems and designing solutions develops an interest in lifelong learning. A scientist or an engineer is an explorer, always looking for the why and the how. You can help young people become lifelong learners as they explore their world by engaging them in asking questions and discovering answers.

For more ways to encourage young people to become lifelong learners by exploring their world, visit the MSU Extension 4-H Teaching Science series When You Don’t Know Diddly-squat, a series of free activities designed to encourage the joy of discovery by asking questions and discovering answers. For more information about 4-H apprenticeship opportunities and other 4-H programs, contact your local MSU extension office.

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