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A Canadian author transcribes a Cree story that might have been lost to the next generation

The National Day for Truth and Reconciliation is a national holiday that recognizes and commemorates the legacy of residential schools and the treatment of Indigenous peoples in Canada.

Although many have attempted to erase their history, Indigenous cultures, globally and in Canada, should be something to platform, celebrate and discover.

Canadian author Jean Miso wants to do just that and has created a book that tells a story that has only been passed down from generation to generation by word of mouth.

The Rainbow is a Plains Cree story that was only passed down orally until Jean Miso had it written down.

James “Smokey” Tomkins, who is Métis, is the guardian of The Rainbow. The story explains how the Great Spirit created balance within the ecosystem of our world.

As he was dying of cancer, Tomkins approached Miso and told him that she would be the best person to tell the story so that it would live on.

Jean was the first person James told the story to in English so she could write the book. She then had the story translated back into Cree so that Cree learners could learn their language.

the Rainbow

The book features the story told in English, Cree syllabics and Roman spelling for those who want to learn the language.

The Rainbow not only tells the story in English, but also writes it in Cree syllabic and Roman spelling, which uses letters of the English alphabet to represent the sounds of the Cree language.

She also made a video on Youtube so that readers can listen to and follow the book.

Miso believes that we should honor the people who were here before us and the stewards of our beautiful land. With this book, Jean wants to make known the native culture and help to improve their lives a little.

the Rainbow

Jean wants to celebrate and share the beauty of Aboriginal culture.

Product of The Rainbow and his other books are donated to veteran and Indigenous charities.

Jane Miso will be at the Indigenous Legacy Gathering at Nathan Phillips Square on September 30 to sell and sign her books as well as give more information about them.