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A Bolingbrook Babbler Story ‘addresses aliens, were-deer and gender issues

(Palatine, IL June 6, 2022) The Rift: A Bolingbrook Babbler Story, is an urban fantasy novel set in Bolingbrook in which the main character must contend with aliens, misogynistic were-deer, and his own anger towards women.

William Brinkman said: “While The Rift is a fantasy, misogyny is a real problem. From online harassment sparked by the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard lawsuit to incel-inspired terrorism, it’s an issue we can’t ignore.”

Brinkman is the creator of the Bolingbrook Babbler, a satirical blog described as a combination of Weekly World News and Onion. He is also a member of the Free Thought Blogs network, a network of progressive atheist bloggers who promote social justice causes.

He is a former resident of Bolingbrook, IL and currently lives in Palatine, IL with his wife and their cats.

The Rift follows Tom Larsen, an up-and-coming blogger in the skeptic movement known for debunking paranormal claims and attacking “modern feminists” who he says are trying to gain control of the skeptic movement. When he learns that Jamie Kyle, a prominent skeptical and feminist podcaster, will be in Bolingbrook for the Humanist Heart Convention, Tom desperately wants to confront her. So desperately that he tries to work with The Bolingbrook Babbler, a tabloid known for its paranormal articles about Bolingbrook.

Tom’s first mission ends when a weredeer attacks him and he wakes up inside Clow’s UFO base in Bolingbrook. Tom is devastated because everything he tried to debunk is true. He soon finds himself entangled in the agendas of the mayor, the aliens, and the leaders of the skeptic movement. As were-deer gather in Bolingbrook, men’s rights activists demonstrate outside congress, and time rifts appear around Bolingbrook. Tom questions his skeptical and anti-feminist beliefs, but will he have the courage to face the real reasons for his anger before it’s too late?

Reedsy Discovery gives The Rift four stars, writing “There’s a very heavy theme running through it, but there’s also a lot of dry, wry humor.”


The Rift will be released on July 13 and is available for pre-order on Amazon and other bookstores.

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