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“Radhika”: A New Age Love Story by First Time Author Manoj Swarup

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India (NewsView) After braving the roller coaster of the year thanks to the pandemic, we are finally in the new year 2022. As we usher in new beginnings and hopes, it is time to start the year with a new book written by the author for the first time, Manoj Swarup is an […]

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Your kids can get lost in Disney with these storytelling headphones – TechCrunch

Some of my favorite childhood memories include being read and learning to read myself only to get lost in a book. If you forgive me the oldmanyellsatcloud.gif moment: It is a painful loss that many children are so completely surrounded by screens that it is difficult to experience it. I was then delighted to see […]

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Ask Mr. Papa: Why is it important to tell your children the story of your life |

Dear Mr. Papa: My mother passed away several years ago and my father suffers from dementia. They were great parents and are definitely role models for me as I am the father of my own children (ages 7, 12 and 16). The problem is, when my kids ask me questions about their grandparents, I barely […]

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An American Story: Rap, Auto Racing, and theft of Delicious Snacks

Buying a new car is an expensive way to spend those beloved “Biden Bucks” thanks to the 2021 Child Tax Credit, especially with inflation on the rise. This is why it is absolutely essential to negotiate the best possible price when acquiring a new vehicle for personal, professional use or for occasional filming. Arrik Schmidt […]

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“I had the love of my life”

National icon Betty Blanche died at age 99 on Friday, just before her centenary. His agent and close friend Jeff Witjas said People that White believed that when she died she would be reunited with her late husband, Allen Ludden. After two failed marriages, White met Ludden by appearing as a guest on Password in […]

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Captain James Bradley and the USS Halibut: a story like no other

Here’s what you need to remember: cthe Halibut and other submarines began regular mail runs to install new tapes on tap while bringing the old tapes back for analysis by the NSA in what was called Operation Ivy Bells. Since 2015, there have been reports of Russian submarines and spy ships trawling in the waters […]