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Animorphs Movie Loses Original Book Writers Over Creative Differences

Animorphs book fans rejoiced when it was announced that the series was going to have a live-action movie under Scholastic and Intensify Picturestart, the production company of producer Erik Feig. Katherine Applegate and Michael Grant, who co-wrote the original book series under the pen name KA Applegate, were also attached to the project as creative […]

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Worried Minds: Lost Women Writers Who Tell Ghost Stories Come Back to Haunt Us | horror books

AWhen we head into the season of the mists, many of us can get cozy with a ghost story or two. But who are the best-known authors behind the classics, who plied their creepy craft in Victorian and Edwardian times? There are the usual suspects: MR James, Charles Dickens, William Hope Hodgson, Sheridan Le Fanu, […]

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Personal loans trap Social Security recipients in debt

Bloomberg/Getty Images In Spanish | The slowing economy could push more Social Security recipients to take out high-interest payday loans, running the risk of being caught in an ever-increasing cycle of debt. A payday loan is usually a short-term loan of less than $500 generally intended for people with low incomes. Fees generally range between […]