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18-year-old Delhi girl creates online storytelling platform, aims to preserve storytelling culture

An Indian student who just graduated from class 12 has created an online storytelling platform called “Suno Story” to engage people and children in oral storytelling, preserving Indian culture.

The 18-year-old girl from Delhi named Peehu Agarwal said that “in the growing era of urbanization, the number of nuclear families is increasing more and more, but in common families, even today, such stories are told by grandma or grandma, who not only teach us to win the struggle in life but also make us an ideal citizen and inspire as well.”

Additionally, she said the idea for a platform like this was born from the stories her grandmother would share. Peehu noticed that few children had their grandparents with them. Therefore, with the intention of sharing stories with them, she pursued the idea.

Pihu says that there was a time when, sitting on her grandmother’s lap, they wandered in the world of stories.

However, over time families have become smaller and the struggle to earn a living and work has left the world of grandma behind. In such a situation, it was imperative to save the heritage we inherited from our ancestors, she said.

“To this end, I have started a website named Suno Story. It contains more than three hundred stories. Most of the stories are in Hindi,” she added.

But now the next generation must tell these stories and if Indian culture is to progress, its digitization is necessary. The internet is such a medium today that it can reach more people in a short time, she said. With determination, Peehu Agarwal from Delhi compiles stories through an online platform named Suno Story. More than four thousand people joined his campaign and more than three hundred stories were delivered to the people.

“I have partnered with 12 schools in Delhi to bring oral storytelling to over 7,000 students; I have cultivated a diverse selection of content, in several regional languages ​​and created a special series of videos on Indian festivals and holidays to celebrate multiculturalism,” said Peehu who passed out from Mother’s International School in Delhi.

Peehu Aggarwal says any resident of any state in the country can share their story on Suno Story. “We suggest people have a story that’s at least two minutes long. Then we ask people to upload it. Then we have a team of seven friends who listen carefully to those stories,” she said.

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Posted: Friday February 18th 2022, 2:59 PM IST