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10 comic book authors to follow on Twitter

With series like The sand man introducing new audiences to old comics and writer Neil Gaiman’s active involvement in press and marketing, casual viewers are now sometimes introduced to the writer behind the scenes. Big universes like the MCU or the Arrowverse often draw their plots from the comic books, and Twitter offers viewers a portal to learn about the minds behind those big stories.

It’s good for writers to stay in touch with their fans, because comic book readers are often very enthusiastic and devoted to their favorite material. Many authors use the platform to offer updates, previews, or their thoughts on comic book stories or the industry. Following them can be very insightful in helping fans understand the work they create.


Grant Morrison

Responsible for some of DC Comics’ great storylines of the past four decades, Grant Morrison has earned a place in the pantheon of top comic book writers. For All-Star Superman, Final Crisis, and the JLA of the 2000s, Grant Morrison’s work is recognizable to any DC fan.

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Morrison is active on Twitter, recently promoting their novel, Luda. The writer has a massive following, with hundreds of tweets. For any comic book fan, Morrison still has some great writing in the tank and deserves a social media following.

Frank Miller

Best known for being the author of Return of the Dark Knightone of the best Batman stories of all time, Frank Miller has a special mark as being one of the best comic book writers for a darker, grittier subject matter. He’s done a ton of work on Daredevil, as well as creating his own original stories in 300 and city ​​of sinboth of which have been made into highly stylized films.

On Twitter, Frank Miller isn’t as active as some, but he’ll either show up with a behind-the-scenes photo of himself holding a sketch he was working on, or tweet about a project he’s promoting. Even with the lack of frequent activity, Miller is one of the most beloved comic book storytellers of all time and worth following.

Neil Gaiman

The source of modern world-building and mythology from The sand man is author and writer Neil Gaiman, who has also written Coraline and american gods. The author is very active on Twitter and engages with his large fanbase, discussing his work as well as other literary and social issues.

Neil Gaiman is an avid student of mythology and created his great works based on real-world history. The sand man has enjoyed success and gained popularity as it continues to adapt and modernize. Hopefully the show will earn a second season. A number of aspects of The sand man may only make sense to those who have read the comics, so refreshing the author’s work might be good if the show is renewed.

Brian Michael Bendis

Comic book writer Brian Michael Bendis’ influence in the worlds of Marvel and DC extends beyond the comics, as the writer has since served as a producer on shows as well as movies such as Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, which was one of the best superhero movies of all time. His most notable work has been for Marvel Comics, particularly stories centered around Spider-Man.

Bendis has been integral to the creation of some important Marvel characters and storylines, and often receives credit for their films. Therefore, his social networks are quite numerous and he will actively use them to promote comic conventions and retweet other relevant information about the comic world.

Geoff John

Johns became popular with DC fans for his Flash and Green Lantern Rebirth comics, as well as Breaking point and darkest night. As well as a ton of involvement in the New 52, ​​writing the script for Justice League. Also, his involvement in the productions of shows and films. Long story short, Geoff Johns has done a lot for DC Comics.

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Geoff Johns served as CCO and President of DC Comics until 2018, and hasn’t been active on Twitter since 2019. Still, the writer has had such an impact on the 21st century comics industry that it’s worth following, because no active Twitter user really leaves forever.

Scott Snyder

Unrelated to director Zack Snyder, Scott Snyder has developed a solid portfolio of work with DC Comics, giving him some clout in the industry and a huge following on Twitter. His best-known work is his career as the author of Batman in The New 52. Characters from Scott Snyder’s Court of Owls have often been tossed around in villain ideas for The Batman after.

On Twitter, Snyder constantly chats with his fans and promotes his lesser-known non-DC imprints, like Nocterra and Canary. These titles have been his main works for the past few years as the writer had used a Kickstarter campaign to secure funding for the first issue.

Brian Azzarello

As with Frank Miller, Brian Azzarello has a portfolio filled with darker and grittier stories. He tackled Batman, the Joker, the Suicide Squad, and the Watchmen universe, creating highly recognizable titles and covers.

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The writer isn’t the most active Twitter user, but he can be seen semi-consistently following his fans, promoting conventions and, of course, discussing comics. He recently promoted his book, Unfair.

Marc Miller

Another great social media option to follow is famed comic book writer, Mark Millar. The writer is recognizable by Kick-Ass, the Kingsman as well as Marvel Civil warall of which have been made into massive blockbuster movies. Superman: Red Son is another of Mark Millar’s finest comic works.

The Twitter account frequently shares artwork illustrations relating to the worlds he has created, as well as personal thoughts and feelings about pop culture and the modern world. Millar is one of the most sensitive writers to his fans.

Jim Lee

Primarily known for his work as an artist, Jim Lee is also a comic book writer as he works as the current CCO of DC Comics. His designs are highly recognizable, having illustrated some of the best-known DC Comics covers and interiors of the 21st century.

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The comic book creator has a large following, having been responsible for many modern designs and interpretations. His magnificent works of art are constantly shared on social media platforms, even making him a trending topic, on occasion.

Marv Wolfman

Known for his works primarily in partnership with artist George Pérez, Marv Wolfman is responsible for some legendary stories, including Crisis on Infinite Earths and The New Teen Titans. Almost every comic book fan enjoyed some of his classic 80s and 90s tales, so following the writer on Twitter is a must.

Wolfman is a frequent Twitter user, often sharing his interests on recent shows and movies and discussing his own upcoming work. His Twitter account is not filled with retweets and is just a stream of the writer’s thoughts, which can be interesting to get to know him and his work.

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