Trying out my new bass fishing gear

If there’s one fish that every fisherman wants to hook, that is bass. In the last period, this species has gained celebrity status in the fishing world. That is due to its ability to put up a fight, which makes it extremely popular in recreational fishing. Therefore, fishing for bass is more of a fun sport, for both professionals and beginners.


The attractive aspect of bass fishing is that you don’t necessarily have to catch anything, as the most enjoyable part lies in the attempt. Participating in competitions alongside other anglers is a fun way to rad4spend your weekend, will allow you to enjoy a day outside and will provide you with good stories to tell your children and your grandchildren. At least, these are my strongest motives to take my friends out for a bass fishing trip now and then. These and the fact that I recently acquired a new bass fishing rod and reel combo to secure the best chance at reeling in a trophy size bass. Picking the perfect gear, particularly the one intended for fishing bass is always a tough job. The Rhino Fishing ZR33 Spincast Combo I chose after a long deliberation and debate over the top models available in the bass fishing sector. What I appreciated above all at this piece of equipment is that it seemed to have attained the optimal balance between sturdiness, flexibility and control.


The rod and reel package offered by Rhino is composed from a 6 ft rod, made with strong fiberglass and the  Zebco 33 spincast reel that offers you a 3:6:1 retrieval ratio and four specially designed ball bearings  that rad5will ensure a steady and smooth retrieval, but also an optimal speed so that you don’t startle the catch when you attempt to reel it in. The optimal length and the main material make the shaft extremely strong, with a touch of flexibility due to its medium power. As it is not very long, the shaft makes it easy for the fisherman to reel in even the most aggressive specimens of bass, offering perfect control over it. Adding to the already impressive qualities of this package is the grip, that was designed to enhance your control over the rod, but also to allow your hand to hold it firmly and effortless. All the features that make this package ideal for bass fishing can only be observed when you hold the rod. 

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