Surf fishing trips: the beginning of a beautiful friendship

It’s time I told you about one of the best surf casting trips I’ve had recently. My friends and I decided to try surf fishing, after running out of ideas as to where we can go to escape the monotony of the city. We’ve inquired into some good places for fishing not extremely far from where we live and we went there together with our heavy-duty tackle equipment. We do have some experience with fishing, but our entire training on this fishing technique was based on some articles we read on the internet and some gear we bought in a hurry.







Needless to say, when we got there it was already evening (which is, according to the internet, a good moment to fish in the ocean) and we’ve spent some time making sure we got the gear correctly assembled.  We were feeling like scoundrels, about to do something really bad and that could have negative consequences for all of us.  There we were, in an unknown place, on which we had no knowledge whatsoever, not to mention we had no idea about the fishing conditions there. We weren’t alone on the spot, at a certain distance from us, some other fishermen were occupying a portion of the beach that we immediately supposed was the good fishing spot, filled with fish, while we were surely (we supposed) casting our lures in a fish deserted water. This curved our enthusiasm a bit, but wasn’t able to take it all away and we were soon full of hope that we will catch some fish as well. The night was young, we were young, the fish weren’t there, but they were going to arrive sooner or later. We’ve started understanding that this may not happen when we heard loud cheering from the other group – someone caught something big. However, half hour later, I felt that my Okuma Tundra Surf Spinning setup was under siege by an equally (if not bigger) fish. We were all tense, waiting for the catch and I almost had it, but dropped it back into the water at the last moment. It was the greatest shot we had all night at landing a fish and the only one. One by one, we gave up and lied down on the sand. Only one of us was still standing patiently in the shallow after I handed over my rod to him, as it was the sole rod that seemed to be able to fish something out of the water, even if it was just some seaweed.







However, this was not all in vain, in the early morning, we witnessed the most incredible sunrise I have ever seen in my entire existence. The folks from the other group were gone and, in the distance, an old man was walking his dog. After such a wonder, we all agreed beach casting was not our thing, but that we’ll be back there with fresh forces one of these days just to see that sunrise again.

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