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Welcome to my blog

I don’t know why I didn’t start this blog earlier. My name is James Radd, and I’m in love with photographing the wilderness and spending time in the great outdoors. In truth, there’s nothing I’d like more than buying a cottage in the woods and take photos of what I see for the rest of my life.


What stops me from doing it is that I’m also a sociable person and I have many friends with whom I like spending time as much as I like taking photos of animals and visiting remote places. So, divided between my two great passions, I do what I can to bring them together. My friends are also great lovers of nature and wild places, they also enjoy sports, mainly fishing and hunting that we practice together, with some success even, as some of my friends are quite skilled in both. Due to their skillfulness we never come back empty handed and we can all share their glory.


Occasionally, we go in veritable fishing and hunting adventures that last several days and even weeks. In these expeditions I have lived some of the happiest and exciting moments of my life. There were nights when we slept under the stars (literally, no tent), when we walked for hours and arrived at our destination exhausted but happy that we were all safe and well, when we chased a deer with no success and we laughed at our childish errors. I did manage to document some precious moments we shared with my camera, but I dare say the most exciting remain precisely those in which we were too involved for me to do my job and capture them. After all, sometimes it is more important to live in the moment than be afraid you won’t get the chance to trap it in a picture.


Anyhow, I believe many of these moments deserve to be shared with others, even though I don’t know them in person. A blog is the best way to store the greatest moments you’ve spent with your friends, but also to let others take part in them. So, from now on, I will make sure to post here everything I consider to be a major moment for us. Not only that, but I will also share wildlife images, videos and I will consecrate posts to them, explaining where the photo was taken and why it is worth sharing with my readers. Hope you will enjoy them as much as I do!

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